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Birthday partys can be divided into two main groups. The first type of party is where the guests attending are mostly friends of the person having the party. In this type of party the audience will often be about the same age as the person celebrating, most younger teenagers parties will fall into this bracket.

The second type of party is more of a mix of friends and family and this will include a much larger age range. 18th and 21sts birthdays partys are normally seen as great family occasions so often, there will be ages 1 to 91 are in attendance.

If you are planning a 18th birthday party and your gran and grandad are coming, they may not like the music played by your DJ mate who just plays hardcore dance tracks. On the other hand if the DJ plays 1970's disco music all night your friends will be reaching for their coats and heading for the exit.

With a teenagers party like an 18th birthday this can be a big problem, because on a Saturday night most 18 year olds will have a choice between two or three parties to go to. Teenagers will text each other during a party to compare which one is the best. If your party is slow to get going and the DJ is playing tracks to please just the older family members the news will spread and the teenagers present may arrange to meet up at a different party. A party that gets of to a slow start may sometimes never really have a chance to get going.

This combination of ages and expectations for the night can make this type of teenagers party quite tricky for the DJ to select the right music mix. If it is a teenagers party with lots of family members coming we ask for a playlist of favourite music from the birthday person which we play along with other classic tracks that we know the older generations will love. For most parties we suggest a list of no more than 20 tracks is about right, however if its a teenagers party where most of the audience is of the same age, a longer and more defined music requests list is more appropriate. This is because teenagers will tend to know what they like and hate anything else.

If you are planning a party for teenagers such as a 16th birthday party it is often quite difficult to find a venue that will host the event. You may wish to consider an alternative like a back garden marquee hire. Although almost grown up the average 16 year old will probably think they can handle more alcohol than they actually can. So you may need to keep a look out for special bottles of coke smuggled in by the party guests.

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