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If you are planning to a surprise party for someone you truly are a wonderful person. Now we have buttered you up, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Organising a surprise party is perhaps the most difficult party to plan and it will be hard work. However don't let this put you off, surprise parties can also be the most fun and always go well. The reason for this is that in the build up to the party your invited guest's will enjoy being 'in the know', and that makes them feel far more involved. This sense of collective goodwill is why everyone arrives on mass and early enough to get a couple of drinks in before the guest of honor arrives. For most parties some people like to arrive fashionably late, and people do tend to drift in over the first hour or so. With a surprise party this doesn't happen, its bad form to arrive after the big surprise moment so everyone will arrive early and have the time to relax into the party spirit.

Surprise Party Tips

Organising any kind of party is a very stressful experience and will need a degree of military precision. Keeping a surprise party secret is difficult, you will need help. Organise a team of co conspirators and if its a surprise party for someone you live with such as husband or wife you will also have to keep it secret from the kids, they will defiantly give the game away.

You will need to arrange the catering choose a venue, hire a DJ or band and many people will need to be contacted. However if one of your party service providers called you and the guest of honor (or can we say victim) picked up the phone and asked why they were calling it would ruin the surprise. Its best to route all contacts through a trusted friend who can then pass on information when your victim is not around.

If you have managed to keep the whole thing secret this far you have done very well, but the hard bit is still to come. You will then need a believable cover story to get the surprise target to the venue and into the party room without rousing suspicion. This is the main reason that gives the game away at the last moment its essential you established a convincing pretense for going into the party venue.

The lucky beneficiary of all your hard work will defiantly twig if you make them dress up in their sunday best and go to a party venue without a believable reason for doing so. Its best to keep it simple and the simplest cover story is someone else's party i.e. someone from work that they have never met. If its a birthday party your victim might be expecting to do something on their big night so you should pretend to book a table at a restaurant. You can say "we'll just show our face at the party for half an hour and then go onto the restaurant for our own celebration" This misdirection will satisfy most people and they will not question the new outfits you may be wearing and the fact you have had your hair done etc.

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