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When you are planning a party one of the first things you will need to organise is hiring a venue. However finding the perfect party venue can be more difficult than you may have considered. If you have tons of cash then you will have more options but the nearer to the date these options will be reduced so its best to book as early as you can.

When you check the suitability of a party venue as well as cost, its very important to consider your guests and the type of occasion you are planning. For example if you are on a tight budget and planning a teenagers birthday party then the local scout hut or youth club will be better suited than a hotel reception suite. On the other hand if you are planning a 90th birthday party and have loads of cash the hotel reception suite may still not fit the bill if there are loads of stairs and many of the guests attending are of senior years. Sometimes parking, easy access and a convenient place for smokers is more important than if the venue has plush carpets and chandeliers etc.

It may be the case that you have attended a function at a certain party venue and decided to stage your event at the same location. Even though you have been to the venue before, things may have changed so its essential you visit the venue to check everything is still as you remembered. Its also a good idea to check for yourself, even if a party venue has been highly recommended to you by a friend. for a bit more on choosing the right party venue check our party tips page. If you fancy something different consider Marquee Hire for you birthday party.

Marquee Hire

The perfect party venue could already be on your doorstep with a Garden Party Tent. Marquee hire provides a party venue that allows greater flexibility and you the time to have your party your way. Basic Marquee hire can provide a cheap party venue or if you have the budget then Marquees can be decorated to the highest standard equal to any high class function room or banqueting suite.

If you have a hall for hire that is suitable for birthday parties and other special celebrations and would like us to recommend you contact, us with your details. There is no fee or fuss but your party venue must offer excellent value for money and meet all relevant legal requirements.

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