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A great birthday party needs great party music and on the night we love to take requests, however unlike many other mobile disco and DJ services we are not such a fan of huge pre arranged playlists. These days almost everyone has an Ipod and access to music that simply wasn't possible a few years back. For this reason over the last five years many people now think a long play list will make their party a great success, unfortunately apart from teenagers parties and school proms its is likely to do the opposite. Although it may seem greater control over your party will help make it a night to remember it is only inexperienced party DJs who will suggest long playlists. With over 30 years party experience we know a music playlist of about 10 to 25 maximum is about right and its the requests on the night that make everyone feel involved and allows the DJ build the party atmosphere.

Working in the requests on the night is far more difficult but its essential to ensure the person that asked for a track is in the room at the time its played and that it will produce a positive reaction. Before a party some people sit down in front of their pc and go through all their music files. They then ask friends and family to do the same and send their party DJ a list of over a hundred tunes. Unfortunately the DJ could never have time play all these tunes and so lost in this list will be tunes that connect with the audience in a special way. These special records will have a positive reaction and are what an experienced DJ will be trying find from the moment the first party guests arrive.

As professional birthday party DJs our first clue what to the best music to play is ages. As a general rule people will prefer popular music from the period they where aged between 15 - 25 and records that were number one in the summertime are best. So for a 60th birthday party with mostly people of the same age the DJ will play top chart number ones from about 1965 to 1975 mixed in with the most popular tracks from then till now. However everyone is different and a audience will always include a range of ages so this is not a golden rule and if it were, rules are meant to be broken. In fact many 60 something's regarded themselves as the first teenagers so they love current chart and dance music.

Birthday Party DJ

Having the experience to change the music selection based on requests on the night as well as other factors is known as reading a crowd. With 30 years party experience we can say reading a crowd is the most important skill for DJ to learn. At the beginning of the party in the warm up phase we play music that should get toes tapping, if it doesn't then the DJ will make a different music selection.

We are professional party DJs that play music in reaction to what's happening on the dance floor. This ability to read a crowd will help make your special occasion a birthday party night to remember. Well, until at least next year anyway; when you will want to do it all again.

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